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    Company Overview

    Borg Property Services Pty Ltd is a wholly owned and Australian operated company which delivers personalized integrated facility services. Our integrated solutions enable our customers to deal with the one company which increases efficiencies and reduces costs. The company employs more than 600 professional staff throughout Australia specializing in the following industry sectors:

    • Health & Pharmaceutical( GMP )
    • Education
    • Leisure, Sports and Entertainment
    • Government
    • Transport and Logistics
    • Industrial and Manufacturing
    • Commercial
    • Defence & Aeronautics
    • Retail
    • Food/Food preparation/Beverages/HACCP

    Our resources and financial capacity gives us the flexibility to effectively partner with clients on any project regardless of the scale giving our customers the confidence of a successful and long term partnership.

    The company incorporates a number of divisions combined under the one business unit and specialises in the following;