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    Borg Property Services has been providing high-quality food factory cleaning solutions in Australia for 30-plus years.

    Our extensive experience in the sector has given us an in-depth understanding of HACCP/GMP cleaning requirements.

    Given our HACCP accreditation, we have a team of highly skilled cleaning professionals who are trained in all compliance-related requirements of the certification.

    Moreover, our experience now allows us to offer our clients tailor-made food manufacturing cleaning services.

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    The advantages of Borg food factory cleaning solutions

    When you engage the services of Borg HACCP/GMP cleaning services, you can be sure that audits and compliance checks will never be a problem for you. We are committed to providing exceptional service at cost-effective rates.
    Furthermore, we are meticulous about serving the requirements of our clients with cleaning methods and schedules that work for them.

    So, be it regular food manufacturing cleaning services that are provided at scheduled intervals or emergency cleaning sessions that are required in response to one-off events, Borg’s team of hard-working cleaning professionals will be on hand to take care of the cleaning for you.

    Why choose Borg food factory cleaning?

    At Borg, we take a two-pronged approach to food factory cleaning:

    1. We take care of all cleaning and general maintenance requirements of the facility, which turns it into a more productive working environment for the employees.

    2. We handle the core tasks of hygiene maintenance, cleaning, and sanitization of the area that houses the production/manufacturing units in order to ensure that your clients get the most hygienic and safe food.

    To do this, we combine innovative use of cleaning products with specialized equipment designed to serve the needs of the food manufacturing and production sector.

    Here is what you can expect from Borg food factory cleaning solutions

    We place great emphasis on providing personalized solutions to our clients based on the specific requirements of the facility and the type of food produced. So, we offer a vast array of commercial kitchen and food manufacturing cleaning services such as:

    • Cleaning of food manufacturing benches, racks, shelves, countertops, hobs, and wall cladding.
    • Cleaning and maintenance of exhaust vents and exhaust systems, including exhaust canopy cleaning.
    • Grease cleaning from hobs and other manufacturing equipment.
    • Filter exchanges.
    • De-greasing and pressure cleaning the floors.
    • Polishing stainless steel surfaces.
    • Steam cleaning carpets and other defined areas to dissolve contaminants.
    • Cleanings dust, grime, and food residue from the walls.
    • Cleaning oil spots and dust and dirt from the ceilings.
    • And more…

    We exclusively use food industry-appropriate and environment-friendly cleaning products for all our services at food manufacturing and production facilities

    Borg’s food factory cleaning portfolio!

    Apart from commercial kitchens and restaurants, we also provide our commercial and industrial cleaning services to:

    • Meat and poultry processing factories
    • Fresh produce packaging units
    • Bakeries
    • Seafood processing factories
    • Fisheries
    • Beverage factories
    • Dairy products manufacturing units
    • Food manufacturing plants
    • Baby food and infant products manufacturing units
    • Confectionary production units
    • And others…

    You can rely on Borg’s professional cleaning team to supply superlative cleaning and hygiene maintenance results, no matter what the size or scope of your food manufacturing facility. In addition to the services listed above, we also do compliance checks and food manufacturing best practice audits.

    So, give us a call today and let us handle the food factory cleaning requirements while you focus on making lip-smacking delicacies for your patrons and consumers.

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