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    Hospital Cleaning

    More than any other type of commercial establishment, extraordinary attention to detail and perfect commercial cleaning services is required for any facility that offers health and medical care services.After all the well-being of your patients and your reputation both depend on it!

    And when the stakes are high and there is no room for errors or compromise, there is only one company you can rely on for your medical cleaning- Borg! We provide medical cleaning services. We are a team of 600 professionals dedicated to offering round-the-clock premium medical cleaning services to doctors, healthcare professionals and facilities across Australia.

    Borg offers a range of healthcare medical center cleaning solutions designed to suit the specific requirements of hospitals, doctors, dentists, retirement villages and other such establishments.

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    For the best medical center cleaning- There is only Borg!

    Hundreds of medical and healthcare professionals trust the Borg Brand and rely on our expertise and commitment to precision to keep their clinics spotless and germ-free.

    Our thoroughly trained staff walks in with the experience required to meet the industry-specific needs of medical and healthcare domains.

    So, we know exactly what products and machinery to use to offer cleaning that goes beyond just the surface.

    Our team is also aware of the compliance procedures that we need to follow to eliminate risk to patients and healthcare staff.

    Add to this our dedication to providing tailor-made solutions for each facility and you get exactly the results you want.

    The types of facilities where we offer health care cleaning services

    Every member of the Borg medical cleaning team is individually trained to follow sector-specific protocols. Because all our team members are Borg employees and not students or subcontractors, we can entrust the cleaning of a particular facility to a specific team.

    For you as our client, this means that you get people who know your expectations and strive to deliver the desired outcome. Plus, the service is offered quickly and efficiently, so there is minimal to no hindrance from the medical cleaning crew while you and your team of healthcare professionals are taking care of your patients.

    Our professional cleaning crew is experienced in offering personalized medical cleaning services to:

    • GP and doctor offices
    • Dental clinics
    • Patient service centres and facilities
    • Clinics and hospitals
    • Day procedure and outpatient centres
    • Nursing homes
    • Chiropractors
    • Psychologists
    • Radiology centres
    • Podiatrists
    • Physiotherapists
    • Elder/aged care facilities
    • Yoga studios

    With Borg handling your facility or hospital cleaning service, you will never have to worry about a hygiene inspection or audit again. You can be sure that you will walk out of it with flying colour.

    The Borg range of medical centre cleaning solutions

    The brand Borg stands for a strong desire and unrelenting hard work to provide end-to-end and comprehensive medical cleaning services to our clients.

    To ensure that the medical and healthcare canters we serve get nothing short of the best service possible, we offer a wide variety of medical cleaning solutions such as:

    • General cleaning of doctors’ chambers, waiting areas, hallways and exteriors.
    • Regular cleaning of operating theatres, patient rooms and consultation rooms.
    • Scheduled sterilization and decontamination of beds and operating rooms.
    • Specialized cleaning of ancillary electronic devices.
    • Precision cleaning and decontamination of medical devices.
    • Facility gadget and fixture cleaning.
    • Washroom cleaning and sanitization.
    • And more.

    Your patients trust you to give them the best care possible and you can trust Borg to provide the best medical cleaning possible. Call us today and leave all your cleanliness and hygiene-related concerns to us!

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