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    Induction Process

    Induction Process

    Prior to commencement of employment all employees irrespective of experience are required to attend an induction and pre-employment hands on training program conducted at our fully equipped training facility located at our Head Office.

    The BORG Induction Handbook is a mandatory pre-employment requirement reinforcing the company’s expectations regarding strict coherence to Occupational Health & Safety, Environment, Company Policies and Procedures. Before being approved for employment each applicant must demonstrate their competency by successfully completing the BORG Induction Questionnaire located at the back of the Induction Handbook.

    The induction process identifies prior to employment the necessary competencies, skills, qualifications and training required by each applicant.

    Our induction program is diverse and includes:

    • Code of Professional Conduct
    • Protocols and Client Property
    • Content in Site Operational Folders
    • Manual Handling
    • Emergency Evacuation Procedures
    • Hazard Identification & Risk Management
    • Mandatory Pre-Employment Training
    • Client Site Induction
    • Occupational Health & Safety
    • Work Place Safety Rules
    • Environmental Management & Sustainability
    • Company Policies
    • Incident and Injury Reporting