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    Our People

    Whilst the property service industry is very competitive, Borg still remains firm in the market place as one of the few companies that directly engage employees for its core business divisions. All our staff are paid in accordance with the relevant industry awards. We strongly believe that our staff should have a sense of belonging, a culture of pride and team spirit that focuses on the company vision and ethos. Accordingly, by having a direct employed workforce, Borg is able to directly control the benchmarks by utilising its own resources.

    Subcontracting and Franchising detracts that ability and keeping control becomes a huge undertaking. In some cases, we have found when taking on new contracts that there have been multiple tiers of subcontractors, each contractor receiving less than the previous one. These practises forfeit people from their legal entitlements such as superannuation, sick leave, annual leave, workcover and award rates of pay.

    The labour cost is the most significant expense contributor in the property service industry. As the labour component is a major portion of the cost, it is vital to procure the most important asset “Our People”.

    An invaluable characteristic which sets our company from our competitors is the stringent selection staff process, training programmes, Supervision and administrative support that assist our people in the delivery of service. Our staff are trained in a good customer service approach and are encouraged to communicate and highlight any areas of concern that may arise.

    From our Executive team, Client Service Managers, Site Supervisors, Special projects team, service personnel, we have a diverse workforce offering a wide range of specialised skills within all our serviced sectors.

    The team at Borg Property Services are treated like family and as such this highlights the We Care factor which is projected onto our clients through our Management team and on-site staff employees. Our staff takes pride in the anticipated delivery outcomes and our company would not be able to deliver the service and meet client needs and expectations without our valuable staff members. This is why Borg spend a great deal of time on employing the correct people as we believe if we focus strongly on getting this right, the rest of the operation will fall into place.