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    Want professional industrial cleaning services?

    Look no further than Borg Property Services!

    We are providers of full-spectrum manufacturing and factory cleaning services. With the extensive experience that spans 3 decades and expertise in a wide range of industrial cleaning methods and protocols, we can offer precisely the comprehensive services you require.

    Our triple accreditation and wide body of experience allow our team to adapt to your unique requirements while ensuring safety for your employees and compliance with WH&S standards and requirements.

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    Borg- For top-notch industrial cleaning services

    As an industrial cleaning company with vast experience across a variety of sectors, we offer cleaning, sanitization and hygiene maintenance services for:

    • Factories and warehouses
    • Soft industrial facilities
    • Hard industrial facilities
    • Manufacturing units
    • Powerhouses
    • Construction Utilities
    • Heavy industries
    • And others.

    Borg has the right training and equipment for specialized factory cleaning services

    Our specialist industrial cleaning team has the necessary training and expertise to work at higher levels with the help of scissor lifts, cherry pickers and scaffolding.

    Moreover, they are thoroughly trained to safely and effectively use industrial-grade cleaning equipment such as rotary buffers, scrubber driers, pressure washers and steam cleaners.

    So, depending on the nature of the industrial establishment, our cleaning professionals can provide a multitude of industry-specific cleaning services such as:

    • Cleaning air ducts and cladding
    • De-greasing floors
    • Pressure washing exterior surfaces
    • Cleaning septic tanks
    • Unclogging and cleaning industrial heavy pipelines
    • Unclogging and cleaning grease traps
    • Cleaning and maintenance of complex sewer and drainage systems.

    Unlike regular commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning calls for a more targeted and comprehensive approach to meet regulatory requirements and ensure compliance with industry-specific needs.

    And to meet these requirements, Borg factory cleaning professionals take a 360-degree approach to industrial cleaning, which encompasses:

    • The application of industry-specific cleaning methods and solutions
    • Periodic audits
    • Maintaining a log of issues encountered
    • Reporting abnormalities and issues, and
    • Providing recommendations for future cleaning sessions.

    In a nutshell, Borg is a forward-thinking provider of industrial cleaning services. As such, our team members know what is expected of them and they are committed to performing the tasks assigned to them with absolute precision. So, time after time, you will get perfect results.

    Why choose Borg as your industrial cleaning company?

    • Reliable service that is tough on dirt, gentle on your machinery and committed to delivering human and earth-friendly industrial cleaning.
    • Cleaning products that are specially chosen to meet the requirements of soft and hard industrial cleaning jobs.
    • Tailored cleaning plans and schedules that provide the desired results at affordable costs.
    • A range of ancillary commercial cleaning services to go with sector-specific industrial cleaning tasks.
    • Flexible schedules that prevent facility and workforce downtime.
    • Proprietary CIIMS allows us to actively monitor performance and deliver cleaning and maintenance reports that can be used to meet compliance requirements.

    Whether you want regular industrial cleaning services for the entire manufacturing unit or maintenance and sanitization of particular areas or even emergency cleaning, you can rely on Borg for factory cleaning requirements.

    Give us a call today and we will chalk up a cost-effective cleaning plan for you that will provide guaranteed and impressive results.

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