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    Environmental Management System

    Borg Property Services is committed to creating a sustainable future. Our commitment is further outlined in our Environmental Policy and our Computerised Integrated Information Management System (CIIMS).

    To formalise this commitment Borg has a certified Environmental Management System ISO 14001:2004 accreditation, administered by NCSI Australia. The Environmental Management System is a sequence of processes, procedures and supporting mechanism which govern the way in which we operate on a daily basis.

    Borg Facility Services directly applies the principles of sustainability through the management of environmental risks, aspects and impacts and provides a system for improved sustainability performance. Our sustainability is significantly influenced by assessing the potential environmental impact on all job startups, preventing pollution, adopting more environmentally friendly alternatives and by making informed decisions through industry best practices.

    Being a sustainable driven company influences how we do business and accordingly we continue to implement continual improvement strategies in our operational activities by monitoring and reviewing:

    • Energy, Water and Waste Reduction
    • Operational Aspects and Impacts
    • ISO 14001 Certified Environmental Management System
    • Company Objectives and Targets
    • Providing Internal Environmental Audits
    • Improving Our Strategies

    Our commitment and capabilities is well-appointed to deliver a range of direct benefits to our clients through the design and implementation of our facilities service programs with a focus on sustainability. These benefits include operational cost reductions, particularly in energy, waste, water, and a reduced carbon footprint.