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    Painting Services


    We have a comprehensive range of specialised painting and maintenance programs that can be scheduled to meet client expectations and requirements.

    When designing a maintenance package, consideration is given to the types of paint finishes in order to achieve the desired outcomes and the impact of environmental conditions placed upon the building or structure. We only use the highest of quality materials and products regardless of budget.

    Once the preparations and repair works have been completed on degenerated paint surfaces, our yearly scheduled maintenance program extends the intervals between major repaints and thus enabling a higher life expectancy of painted surfaces.

    The benefits from committing to fixed priced payments over the period of the maintenance program will ensure your budgets are met without any further costs and all maintenance programs are flexible enough that variations can be made to suit client evolving and changing requirements.

    Our range of specialised services includes:

    • Interior and exterior painting services
    • Protective coatings to increase longevity
    • Decorative paint finishes
    • After hours work and difficult access projects
    • Wall coverings
    • Water proof membrane coatings
    • Floor grinding and preparation systems for epoxy and painted floor finishes
    • Anti-graffiti removal and preventative coatings
    • Specialised surface preparation such as grinding, shot, sand blasting, chemical cleaning and high pressure washing

    Learn how we can package our services to meet your operational requirements.

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