Our programmed washroom hygiene services are an ideal asset for building owners and business organisations seeking to enhance the image of their properties, as well as providing clean, hygienic, and comfortable washroom facilities for their staff, clientele and visitors. Our range of products and specialised programmed services complement our Property Management and hygiene cleaning services by maintaining the hygiene between cleaning intervals. 

We have a comprehensive range of specialised washroom care solutions which encompass maintenance programs performed regularly at pre-planned intervals by fully trained, well presented and uniformed staff. Frequency of service is based on the environment and needs of individual customers.

Our products and services

  • Sanitary Disposal Service – wall mounted, manual and automatic sensor models are available
  • Sanitary Bin Service throughout Melbourne
  • Automatic toilet bowl and urinal sanitising systems
  • Deep cleansing washroom treatments that remove ingrained soils, stains, germs and malodours from floors and fixtures such as showers, urinals and toilet bowls
  • Hand soap & dispensers – liquid and foam hand and body soaps
  • Programmable air fresheners that control odours and deliver fresh fragrances
  • Toilet seat sanitising dispensers that sanitise the toilet seat before use
  • Nappy disposal bins and baby change tables
  • Hand dryers & towel dispensers
  • Sharps collection and disposal
  • Waterless alternatives

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