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    Waste Management Services

    Waste management services for Melbourne businesses are essential. Waste management solutions are a critical operational aspect to any facility, where waste generated creates both workplace and environmental hazards.

    Accordingly, Borg Audit our client’s premises and advises on the most suitable sustainability and recycling solutions available. We work cohesively with our clients to reduce the carbon footprint whilst endeavouring to reduce waste costs.

    Our waste management solutions are developed around audits, assessments and reporting using our customised Computerised Integrated Information System (CIIMS). Our waste management solution is designed to minimise your impact on the environment and to achieve a more sustainable environment for future generations to come.

    Our waste and recycling management includes:

    • General waste
    • Recyclable waste
    • Green waste
    • Clinical waste
    • Industry hazardous waste
    • Asbestos removal
    • Sharps waste disposal
    • Medical Waste Disposal in Melbourne
    • Specialist waste – florescent globe, paint, oil, mercury and solvent waste

    Learn how we can package our services to meet your operational requirements.

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