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    The one area of a business that is in a constant state of flux is the warehouse. Inventory is frequently moved about; shelves are restocked and people and vehicles keep coming and going. Simply put, for any business cleaning warehouse can be a nightmare. Moreover, given the load of the inventory that this space handles, indoor temperature and environmental control systems in this area are also under great stress.Hence, any lapses or delays in cleaning can lead to significant losses. Moreover, depending on the industry, the risk of degradation of the products and materials stored in the warehouse can lead to compliance issues and turn into a health hazard for the employees.

    So, what do you do when you need a regular, reliable, and efficient service for cleaning the warehouse?  The answer to that is Borg Property Services!

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    We have been offering warehouse cleaning in Melbourne, the surrounding areas, and all over Australia for over 3 decades. So, we know exactly what it takes to keep the warehouse space in prim and proper condition.

    Superior, safe, and sound warehouse cleaning services from Borg!

    We are the warehouse cleaning contractors of hundreds of businesses and manufacturing units all over the country, and there is a reason for the client trust we have earned.
    Borg’s team which handles cleaning warehouses, is committed to maintaining a pristine environment in the storage facility.

    Borg methods and solutions for cleaning a warehouse

    No cleaning challenge is too great for Borg’s team of trained cleaning professionals! Add to this our experience in warehouse cleaning services and you will understand why we are ready to take on this task although it is far from being a straight forward job.

    Various regulatory authorities have a code of conduct and maintenance that applies to the use and operation of warehouses. Lapses can of course lead to penalties.

    But you have nothing to worry about when you have Borg handling the task of cleaning the warehouse for you.

    To maintain a healthy, sterile, neat, and fresh environment within the facility, we offer the following services:

    • Steam cleaning, washing, and dry cleaning services for carpets.
    • Sweeping, and mopping of concrete and tiled floors.
    • Grout cleaning and grime and grease removal from non-carpeted floors.
    • Cleaning of light fixtures and fans.
    • Properly dusted and wiped shelves, with the restocking of the inventory after cleaning.
    • Cleaning of machinery and tools as per industry best practices.
    • Cleaning and sanitization of empty warehouses.
    • Organizing and/or re-organizing the stock inventory as required.
    • Thorough cleaning of aisles and pallets.
    • Dusting of the ventilators and rafters
    • Disinfection of the entire space.
    • And more…

    As you can see, Borg has you covered for all your requirements pertaining to cleaning a warehouse. We are familiar with the industrial cleaning requirements of manufacturing warehouses (private and public), bonded warehouses, production warehouses, medical storage facilities, product fulfilment warehouses, government warehouses, perishable product warehouses, cooperative warehouses, and other such facilities.

    So, give us a call right away if you are interested in cleaning a warehouse. We are always ready to offer premium services to our clients!

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